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  • I am writing just to thank your drive Mike for really coming to aide. I'd probably still be in that snowbank!

    John Fosberg

  • no problems

    Andrew Mclellan

  • Thank you for taking care of my mother after her accident. Your drive was very kind to her, I really appreciate it.

    Ben Cooper

  • Good service

    LL Sampson

  • I've used a bunch of different commpanies to move my classic cars around, Metro is the only one that doesn't do any damage.


  • About the same as evrwhere els


  • Pull me out of a ditch right quick, can't beat the price

    Ahmed S.

  • there guys were the only ones to come when they said they would when i needed a boost

    William Henderson

  • Towed me off the highway to a side street so they could change my tire safely, but only charged for the tire change can't beat them!

    Ben Cooper

  • My car was dead in -40c, nothing would make it start, they delivered a fresh battery and got me rolling fast, it really make my day

    Bjorn R.

  • Not bad


  • Towing is towing, they do it as well as anyone else

    Mr. Walkinson

  • Your dispatcher Sean really made my day.


  • One of the only non-fly-by-night companies in Ottawa.


Ottawa Metro Towing & Recovery offers fast, inexpensive and professional towing services throughout the Ottawa Valley region. We make our profits through a large volume of tows every single day - so we don't need to overcharge for any one call. We are preferred by most insurance companies and we will handle your vehicle in a fast and cautious manner. We have the largest fleet in the City of Ottawa and we can offer the fastest and cheapest rates - while still being fully insured.


We offer the best and fastest service in the City of Ottawa for all collision towing. We have exclusive contracts for various law enforcement, City and Province governments and we are approved by all insurance companies. Our 24 hour service will allow you visit your vehicle at any time, at no charge.


Metro Towing has some of the best prices in the City of Ottawa for all kinds of towing services. Customers are genuinely surprised that we can give them value for their hard earned money without the typical bait and switch tactics typically found in the industry.

Ottawa Flatbed Towing FLATBED TOWING

Our fleet includes a multitude of different styles of tow trucks including standard wreckers, flatbeds, underground parking trucks, heavy tow trucks, Landolls, double drops, container moving trucks, zero degree flatbeds, rotators and other specialty equipment. If it can be used to move a vehicle, we probably have it.

Ottawa Heavy Towing HEAVY DUTY TOWING

We have the largest heavy duty towing fleet in the Ottawa region. Our heavy trucks can transport anything from a light cube truck to a ultra-heavy crane and everything in between.

Ottawa Tow Truck Recovery RECOVERY SERVICES

Our Experienced staff is highly trained and capable of performing almost any type of vehicle or equipment recovery. From a simple car in the ditch, to a hazardous high way tractor roll-over, Ottawa Metro Towing is the only company in Ottawa capable of handling the situation without causing additional damage or forcing an unnecessary environmental cleanup. Insurance companies love Ottawa Metro as we limit their risk in the most dangerous recoveries.

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