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12v/24v Boosting

Ottawa Metro Towing & Recovery is the boosting specialist in Ottawa. Not only can all of our trucks offer a quick boost on the side of the road, but we also have a dedicated boost truck. This boost truck is equipped with six super heavy duty highway tractor sized batteries and a Revolt 747 automatic booster unit. We can safely and easily boost any car, light truck, heavy truck, farm tractor, excavator, bulldozer, bus or boat in both 12v or 24v.

In addition, for vehicles that are frozen solid at -45celcius, we can tent and war up your vehicle so the engine oil and batteries are warm enough to start under any conditions. We regularly perform this service for the City of Ottawa and many commercial customers.

Watch our for impostors! There are many towing companies and taxi drivers who will spin your starter continuously hoping it will start. Stay away! They will slowly but surely burn out your starter without ever turning the engine fast enough to get it started.

When you need to go somewhere, give Ottawa Metro Towing a call, it's very rare that we cannot get any gas or diesel vehicle started regardless of the weather conditions.

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